Create A Dream Home. Kitchen. Part 1.


The "important" mistakes in the planning of the kitchen are:

✔this is inconvenient layout of the location of cooking utensils;
✔not comfortable height of lockers, refrigerators, bar stools and countertops, width of aisles and working spaces.

Why is this happening? Why the skilled enough people make such simple mistakes?! Let us see!
On my opinion the main reason is next:
✔traditional kitchen zone planning is given to professional salons and at this stage the interior designer and the owner of the interior are excluded from the task;
✔this is NOT WORKING! The task of a professional kitchen salon is to find "solutions for your needs", but not to formulate it for you!
only conscious SELF-planning of the space in which you will cook will make this Kitchen comfortable! For example, on the right hand it is convenient to me that there was a refrigerator, and on the left plate, and not Vice versa!
✔you can not use the standards of kitchen furniture - they are averaged and very conventional! Your body is unique and inimitable! And only you can tell - what is the height of the cabinets, the height and width of the tabletop is comfortable for your height, what size should be the kitchen "island" how to place the lamp above the working area so it is not "looming" in front of your eyes, what shape should be a bar stool so it was convenient to be the best part of your body, etc.!
✔demonstrate all the parameters listed by me on the "sample" of the kitchen and write down all the" parameters " of the test;
✔technical specifications for the Kitchen project must take into account the paragraph above! And do not hesitate to check whether everything is accounted for before payment of the contract for the supply!

In the following publications , we will consider-how to properly plan the filling of the Kitchen!