Contemporary art objects at auctions


Auctions of contemporary art this is a godsend for the collector! The experience shows that at auctions there are interesting works of art at reasonable prices. What are the advantages of buying an art at the auction?
Reason No.1. There is a myth that the auction purchase is made at the maximum price. This is far from being true. There are real "diamonds" at a reasonable cost, it is only important to look at them. Note poorly designed art or wear out arts. As a rule, they are underestimated. But believe me, the cost of restoration work or renovation of the frame is nothing compared to what kind of treasure you get;
Reason No.2. Works for the auction are announced in advance and there is time to get acquainted with the work, invite an expert to evaluate and verify the authenticity (if in doubt). Please do not buy the works by falling in love with the image on the Internet. But pay attention, impression from art varies greatly in the "personal meeting";
Reason No.3. The art, which is purchased at auction, can be sold at the same auction after a while. Thus, painless "rotation" of art works in the collection is ensured;
Reason No.4. Certificates of authenticity of works and documents of sale for the auction are prepared with special care. This is a fundamental right of ownership of this art;
Reason No.5. The history of the auctions is preserved (in electronic and paper catalogs) to analyze the market value of an author, as well as the dynamics of changes in the cost of art works.
What I see is the only drawback of the auction – so it is that it is impossible to carry out a full "fitting" paintings or sculptures in the house before purchasing. While the fitting of works from the regular exhibition can always be agreed. But, let it does not stop the software available to interior designers allows "visualize" an art in any room.
The auction is an interesting and lively event! Visit a few auctions to understand the rules of the auction, the rhythm of the auction. It is not necessary to buy something there, just look around. As a rule, the dress code is not provided.
My recommendation – if you have doubts about the authenticity of an object or necessary for the collection, it is best to refrain purchase. Returning an item purchased at auction is a very tedious task.
A good auction finds!
* The publication used photo of the auction house Sotheby's.