City ecology. The project "Give a tree!"


This publication is about the project "Give a Tree"! The goal of the authors of this project to plant a Billion Trees!!! for to increasing of green spaces in Russia. The trees need our Planet! We need our children and grandchildren to live and breathe normally in the future. You can join the project by purchasing a tree planting certificate! Details on the website:

This project has a great scale of ideas! I have a few suggestions to make the project attractive to many people. Unfortunately, I did not see on the website the opportunity to plant a tree in your chosen location. For example, to give a tree for the grandmother's house or family friend house!

If the company organized planting of trees at the agreed address - it would be just wonderful! Then each of us will plant trees on your house, your street and your city in order to live healthy today!

Can't even begin to imagine how you can live without surround yourself with trees! For me it is:
✔ all close friends and this is a milestone in family history. Did you plant a tree when the baby was born? Remember those trembling sensations when a tree grows and gains strength with it. Life goes on, and the tree remains as a living witness of family history. Or even remains a "family" grove))
✔this is a live calendar. Not a calendar date, but tree crowns announce the change of seasons. My body understands that there comes a real natural Spring, and yellow-orange flashes in the crowns make it clear that the Summer ends and it's time to "collect all the family organisms" to school.

Let's surround ourselves with the natural beauty of the living World today and the World around will quickly change. And our Planet will not be likely to die! Because our children and grandchildren will do as well!

Friends, you liked the idea of the project to "Give a Tree"? Do you want to buy a tree as a gift for a friend? Do you have such projects in your country? How do they work? Please share, it's very interesting!