City ecology. Bosco Verticale, Milan.


Personally for me, the City of the future is a city of the clean water bodies, low houses, buried in greenery and bicycles, racing on their business at a comfortable speed. It is a city of small cozy neighborhoods with its own cafes and restaurants, schools and kindergartens, museums and theaters, parks and stadiums. Within which everything is possible with and there is no need to hurry...In this case, the prospect of the city is endless. This is my Dream!

It is difficult for me to say for what reason, but I have confidence that after a number of years my dream will become a reality. The city will be a friendly and eco-friendly environment for human life. Let's call this sense of the city of the future - foresight.

No, no - don't think please that I'm trying to make predictions based on idealistic ideas about the future ...Rather, this feeling is based on those events in the development of the architecture of the city, which form a view of the future from this perspective...

I want to share with you my thoughts on the matter.

The ecosystem of large cities in today's world is based more on the principle of "survival" of man in the environment than on a comfortable stay in it. The city dictates the rules of life-quickly, economically and rationally "now". Life of citizens is subject to these rules. Anything contrary to that is incinerated with energy "city stream".

"Stream" takes away-city parks, because it hinder the development of public transport. Destroys the construction with ancient architecture -this part of the territory should be inhabited denser. "Stream" does not need yards and courtyards with flower beds, greenery and janitors - they are meaningless. The yards doesn't need, because no one to walk - on weekdays adults at work, at weekends in shopping centers or in homes, and children in schools and kindergartens until late at night.

People are left alone in the"stone jungle". And are seeking harmony in their own lives in the "megatons" of information from the media. Completely forgetting about the fact that only the harmony of nature brings balance to human existence. Nature is able to restore human strength after exhausting work -mental or physical, people understand this and go to rest in the mountains, in the forest, to the ocean, to the sea, river or lake.

In fact, it will be enough to "return" nature to the world of big cities to make people's lives happier.

For the first time I felt that I was not alone in my arguments when I saw two skyscrapers "covered" with green terraces in Milan's Porta Nuova district, the city center. Terraces surround each floor and on each of these terraces planted with trees, shrubs and a grassy track (900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11 thousand grass paths) - a total of 8,900 sq m of green space in the heart of the city! At the same time, all plants "eat" as well as their brethren on the ground thanks to a well-thought-out irrigation system.

This is a project called Bosco Verticale - "Vertical forest". The two towers of Bosco Verticale are recognized as the best skyscrapers of 2014, receiving the international Highrise Award, awarded every two years by the Frankfurt Museum of architecture.

The authors of the project-Italian architects Stefano Boeri (Stefano Boeri), Gianandrea barreca (Gianandrea Barreca) and Giovanni La Varra (Giovanni La Varra) recreated the forest in the urban space in such an ingenious way. Not having in the town centre area to accommodate a large number of trees, the architects have created a "Vertical forest". As the plants were formed, birds, butterflies and insects began to populate it.

Formed "ecosystem", which "took" the house in a friendly embrace. Plants were selected in a special way, the variety of species created the necessary microclimate. For residents of the house "Vertical forest" has become a natural filter from fine particles of dust of urban air, carbon dioxide and protection from solar radiation and noise effect. Try to live in it for a while (apartments are possible for rent in the house) and you will feel the harmony comes back after a day spent in the big city.

I know, that Milan's Duomo the Cathedral in the city centre is the main impression for most people about Milan. But for me, the city is associated with Bosco Verticale!

Agree, what this part of city reminds about of my dream? Until very remotely, in the form of islets "green oasis", but all same...

I have observation following such projects and my confidence about City of the future are growing up day by day! On my pages in Facebook, Instagram, Telegram-I will share this kind of projects with you.

Friends, how do you imagine the ideal City of the Future? Let's share our observations! It will be interesting for everyone!