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I recommend for you a book that at one time, very much changed my idea of modern Kitchen. After reading it, I realized that I no longer want to cook in a confined space, surrounded only Furniture and TV! That all this time, I want:
✔to be communicated with family and friends;
✔see how my son is doing homework or something playing;
✔take a look at how the sun rises or sets on the river;
✔listen to music or watch TV;
✔take a seat at the bar to relax and have a few words with your friends!

A modern kitchen is more than a utilitarian space. This is the "active" part of the house where all family members and guests gather. This Is The "Heart" Of The House.
On the advice of johnny gray, we combined the space of the Kitchen, Dining room and Living room! Turned out great, light and most favorite room in the House!

The book was published in 2007, but is still very relevant. In the book you can see philosophy the main room, lots of practical advice and solutions, wonderfully transferred to the family atmosphere of the House. The book is beautifully illustrated. It will suit both lovers of classic and modern design - the principles of design "with Soul"," with a human approach " are the same for any style!

I recommend it for those who support the Idea of light and free spaces!