Book. Scandinavia Dreaming.


The book Scandinavia Dreaming is wonderful illustrated. It presents interiors from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland created by
according to the "canons" of the Scandinavian school of design with easy combination of a traditional restraint and warm of materials.

You will meet" icons " of Scandinavian object design, modern furniture and decor manufacturers, get acquainted with the methods of their use in the interior.

Attentive to the details of the reader, will mark the two sides of the Scandinavian style of the interior. On the one hand - open, bright, democratic and friendly spaces, and on the other hand-elegant and refined, timeless and deeply rooted tradition to be in contact with the nature of Scandinavia.

I like to flip through this book and always discover some new detail. Characteristically, makes the book a perfect different experience depending on the time of day. In the morning light you can see the bright side of interiors, and in the evening you "drowning" in the notorious Danish hygge))

I wish good impressions! Please, share your impressions from reading!