Book. «Carpets. Handbook»


The first time I saw Oriental carpets, I felt in them a certain mystery, a riddle that I wanted to unravel. First impressions did not disappoint - the carpets full by symbols, meanings, as in the pictures and color solutions.

The book "Carpets" gave me the key to the door, behind which was a huge world! With its history, traditions and rules. Of course, there were other books later, but this one laid the Foundation for understanding what a Persian carpet is.

What it is especially valuable information in the book:
- symbolism of images on carpets, how to interpret it and the history of images;
- production techniques and materials from which carpets are made. Here are practical tips for the care of different types of carpets;
- the main regions of production and evaluation criteria of carpets on the market;
- recommendations for placement of carpets in the interior, I tested in practice.

The book teaches to recognize the main types of Oriental carpets that have circulation in the market. It is vividly illustrated and informative.

My most sincere recommendations friends!