Black-and-white photo in the interior


We store photos of friends, family members, photos brought from traveling or just favorite photos of famous photographers. Most of them are hidden in albums in paper or electronic form, which are shown occasionally to guests. Typically, photos are small in size. But by magnifying the image you can achieve a stunning effect.
The result is a work that could cause strong emotions!

In the project of a private house in Jurmala I used the work of the famous master of photography Michael Kenna. This work with a large number of plans, with a deep perspective - it opens the entrance to the study of the owner of the house. The idea of this decision is to mentally push the boundaries of the room, to give impetus, to make the energy of movement. The idea was successful and liked the customer)). This is exactly what he saw in the development of his business.

To create this work, I used the technique of plasticization. What is that?
This is a relatively new technology, in which the photo is "rolled" on the acrylic glass, and on the reverse side glued to the metal panel. Due to refraction of light through transparent acrylic, the image acquires an unusual volume, and for color photography - the image becomes juicy and bright. An important point in this technique is the handling of the "ends". After special polishing, they become transparent. Thus, the depth effect of the photo is greatly enhanced.

To be sure, use and other technology processing photos, but I recommend precisely this. It turns a flat image into a three-dimensional object. A few years ago, this technology was available only to museums and exhibition organizers - so the masterpieces of masters of photography were created. But now it is available to us all!

Practical tips for those who decide to take a photo in the technique of plasticization:

1. Please pay attention to the weight of the work. Work size of 1 x 1 meter weighs about 30 kg. It means that the wall where you will host your photo needs to be strengthened. Plan this before you begin construction work;

2. Feel free to contact famous photographers. As a rule, they are happy to go to cooperation and sell you the photo that you like. This is an electronic file that is sent by e - mail;

3. To make a photo of a large format, the electronic file with the photo must be "enlarged" to the appropriate size. This can be done by the photographer from whom you buy the photo or in the photo Studio. For this you need to know in advance what size photos are needed;

4. Use three parameters of the thickness of acrylic-3, 5 and 8 mm. depends on the cost of the work and the depth of its perception. For standing works I choose the thickness of 8 mm (that's what they use in museums). For home small pictures can be safely taken 3 mm and 5 mm;

5. Check the reputation of the photography shop that you are planning to do the job in the technique of plasticization. Ask them for examples of work. Please note the following:
- how the ends of the photo are processed;
- how transparent is acrylic glass (it must be crystal water colors));
- how professionally processed the "back" surface of the work;
- what fasteners to the wall are used. Let me remind you, the work is very hard!
- what kind of packing for transportation work is used (acrylic is easy to scratch).
Photography in the technique of plasticizing thing not cheap. Please treat all items with special attention.

I use the White Wall service in Germany to make the photos Oh. In my opinion it is the best quality today, convenient service in placing orders and payment, and also reasonable term of production.

The most important point - the question of ethics. Remember that when you buy a photo file from a photographer, you agree to use it once (unless otherwise agreed in the agreement).

Let jointly developed works delivered only joy!