Artificial intelligence for our Garden.


If you have a small "piece" of the garden, even on the balcony, you will inevitably become a gardener!

Of course, the work of a professional landscape can not be replaced, it is especially difficult to cope with the garden on a large area. For plants need constant care for a long time of the year.

But, professional gardeners just help us in taking care of plants. Any decision regarding "green Pets" rests on your shoulders, namely:
✔what plants will be in your garden;
✔which forms will have green shrubs;
✔️when you need to fertilize, water, cutting the plants;
✔how to treated if the plants is sick;
✔how understand why it not survives in this place, what can be done to improve its life!

You can, of course, put full care on the shoulders of professionals, but then for you the garden will be just a "beautiful picture", nothing more.
Only if you participate in the fate of "green Pets", you will get all the energy that plants can give.

I want to share with you a good application for smartphones, called Plant Visual. The application recognizes any plant by photo, gives its name and sends it to Wikipedia with the description of this plant in your native language!
Very convenient thing when buying plants! !Artificial intelligence in the service of the Amateur gardener, I recommend!