Art Brussels 2018


At first glance, it is look like the two poles – North and South, very far from each other and have no prospects for the meeting))
And now let's look at this situation from the other side. How contemporary art can be useful and interesting for us.

Let's start with the fact that in our society it is accepted to be critical of contemporary art - for lack of professionalism, for incomplete images, for the use of non-standard materials. What's behind this?

In my opinion, is primarily criticized for its rejection of classical values, such as immutable tenets:

✔artist is only the person who has studied painting for a long time;
✔art should show the classic view of the beautiful, sublime and harmonious;
✔highly valued art works created only from conventional materials - oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.
✔art is distant from the person, does not involve him in the process of creating a work.

Modern art "collapses" the rules built for centuries. The approach to creativity looks different:

✔art is accessible to anyone, regardless of age and education. Of course, education has not hurt anyone yet, it improves the "diamond" of talent. But how many contemporary artists do not see obstacles in the expression of themselves, before the start of training at the Academy of Fine arts!
✔contemporary art sees beauty in what used to be taboo, scarecrow or repulsive. This is a true love for a person, this art sees "both sides" of the human personality - both light and dark;
✔ variability of materials is welcome in contemporary art-photography, computer work, felt-tip pens, mixed technics - indispensable attributes of creativity in our world;
✔contemporary art builds communication with the audience - creates performances, installations, and other actions with our participation.

What do you think about contemporary art? What is contemporary art for you? Is it annoying or do you like it more? Please share your vision. It's very interesting!

I think that our time is the age of high technologies, when a person can do everything or almost everything. The most popular in this world are ideas. Creative vision allows you to look at the situation from different angles, to look for a solution in a non-standard approach. Involvement in contemporary art forms creative thinking - the basis of the future new generation.

Will return to the exhibition Art Brussels. More than 140 galleries and 2000 artists from all over the world take part in it. Detailed information about the participants on the exhibition website. It is one of Europe's leading exhibitions of contemporary art and is visited annually by more than 30 thousand people.

In 2018, the exhibition will feature works by Russian artists - Erik Bulatov, Olga Chernyshova, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Olga and Oleg Tatarintseva. This artworks will present of pop/off/art Gallery from Moscow.

Axel Vervoordt (Axel Vervoordt) world-famous interior designer, collector and antiquarian, will present at the exhibition the works of very interesting artists from his gallery. For more information, see the website. In my opinion, it will be a very unusual exhibition.

Well, my friends - my arguments seemed convincing you to communicate with contemporary art? Planning a trip to Brussels? Can be not in this year, and in next?