The People who change our World. Tadao Ando.

This is one of the most amazing and unusual buildings in the world. Church of Light, the work of Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Create A Dream Home. Part 2.

If the theater begins with a hanger, the work on the project at home always begins with an interview with the designer customer. What interests the designer in the life of the customer?

Create A Dream Home. Part 1.

Sooner or later, the architect or you, yourself, ask the question - how do I see my House? It does not matter whether it is a detached house or an apartment in a multi-storey building. The principle of creating an image is always the same.

Lets keep course for the townhouse! Experience the Studio of landscape architecture FUSION Landscapes.

Our world is constantly changing, changing our preferences and tastes. The new generation chooses "mobile" and "light" solutions in everything, including for their home and garden. In this sense, the experience of the Studio landscape architecture FUSION Landscapes is interesting.

Art Brussels 2018

From 19 to 22 April in Brussels (Belgium) will host an exhibition of contemporary art Art Brussels.Let's discuss what we might be interested in this event? It seems that there is no connection - where are we and where is Brussels? Where is our daily life and where is contemporary art?!

Ecology of the house. Temaby design, Lithuania.

Please meet the Temaby, this is a team of designers from Lithuania!The team uses only natural materials - wood, flax, leather, lava, clay. Young people create objects, including for the home, from those materials that will not be used - to "breathe" into these things a new life. Designers takes inspiration from Nature and return a tribute to the material that it is created.

Book. Scandinavia Dreaming.

I want to recommend the book Scandinavia Dreaming for those who love Scandinavian interior design.

City ecology. The project "Give a tree!"

"Living gift" for your beloved and for your beloved Planet!

Art. Drawing in a modern interior.

Traditionally, these days in Paris are going to fans of graphics from around the world. In France, start two significant events in the field of Art: the Salon of Parisian Drawing (Salon Du Dessin) and the Salon of Modern Drawing (Drawing now Art Fair).

City ecology. Bosco Verticale, Milan.

Dear Friends, how do you imagine the City of the Future?! Personally for me, the City of the future is a city of water bodies, low houses, buried in greenery and bicycles, racing on their business at a comfortable speed. It is a city of small cozy neighborhoods with its own cafes and restaurants, schools and kindergartens, museums and theaters, parks and stadiums...

Salone del Mobile Milano 2018

Design week in Milan. To be or not to be?

Ecology of the house. Panels from the Northern moss.

Modern man is desperate need in Nature. The trend-a piece of real Nature in the house - becomes clearer.

Contemporary art objects at auctions

The experience shows that at auctions there are the interesting works of art at reasonable prices. What are the advantages of buying a job at an auction?

Design Index. How to find out the prices of interior design objects?

I get a lot of questions about the cost of designer pieces of furniture. In my opinion, this is a perfectly legitimate question for a person who plans his budget. So happy to answer in this article.

Ecology of the house. The air ventilation system

In today's world, the quality of our lives is steadily improving. We live in comfortable houses, wear comfortable clothes, eat healthy food, which means we can improve the quality of the air we breathe!

Black-and-white photo in the interior

Unfortunately, the art of black and white photography in the interior is unfairly forgotten. And in vain-black-and-white solutions looks refined.

Ecology of the House. Granite.

Granite in the interior of the house - how exaggerated the rumors about the radioactivity of this stone?

Travel. Royal Danish Theatre.

This is the unusual combination of water and music...

Travel. Modern architecture of Copenhagen.

On modern Danish architecture heard all who are close to this topic...

Origins of Cycling culture in Denmark

Everyone who visits Copenhagen, the question arises - where are the origins of such a powerful Cycling culture in Denmark?!

Travel. The Design Museum in Copenhagen (Designmuseum Danmark)

Now I am sure that I will not be mistaken if I say that the Danish design is imbued with Japanese aesthetics.

"Smart" textiles

Imagine that in the near future, you can simply brush patches of grass or drops of red wine from white summer dresses...

Latvian Art Works. Rudolfs Pinnis

Exhibition and sale of paintings by Rudolf Pinnis, Latvian artist, is in the Centre of the Business AviationFBO Riga.

Travel. The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna Museet)

Free Entrance, Free Wi Fi, Free Wardrobe...To my question At the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm: "How much is a ticket to the Museum?" the lady at the Desk, smiling said: "Free admission"))

Exhibition of pastels by Aleksandra Beļcova

From 12 September to 9 December 2017 at the Museum of Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova in Riga there passes an exhibition devoted to the 125 anniversary of the artist.

Icons of design for children

To teach the child to feel and understand the beauty. Will help us icons of world design in this topic.